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An ancient holistic way to improving your health

Welcome to Grand River Acupuncture Family Care Centre. Here is how Chinese medicine can help you:

Rooted in the ancient philosophy of Taoism and dates back more than 3,000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete and independent system that guides us towards longevity, health and fertility. The heart of TCM is to stay close to nature and achieve inner balance. This will attune us with the daily and seasonal rythm of the natural world, and help us to conserve the essential life force or energy. 


Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine helps to reach this goal by maintaining a good vital energy flow in all their pathways - meridians. Meridians of the body affect every organ and physiological system inside of us. Meridians are our body’s “energy bloodstream”: they bring vitality and balance, remove energy blockages, stagnations and imbalances, adjust metabolism and determine the speed and form of cellular change. Their flow is as critical as the flow of blood; our life and health depend on both. If a meridian’s energy is obstructed or unregulated, the system it feeds on is jeopardized, and disease results.


At Grand River Acupuncture, we practice with TCM principle and classical acupuncture technique to provide the highest quality service, which addresses the patients' medical and personal needs to the best of our ability.

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